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Octopress Easier Merging and Updating

Updating a Octopress is problematic and not trivial if Octopress was customized. This is the case because Octopress copies the source code in a new directory. There is limited update support by Octopress. Thus, it’s not directly possible to merge Octopress upstream changes with your local modifications using git merge.

However, there is a little hint, that allows you to easily overcome this problem. Set the source directory to the original Octopross source directory. Don’t use the copied source directory.

Set in your Rakefile file

source_dir      = ".themes/classic/source"    # source file directory

and in your config.rb file

images_dir = ".themes/classic/source/images"
fonts_dir = ".themes/classic/source/fonts"

If you have already made changes in the /source directory, copy these modifications to .themes/classic/source.

This way, upstream changes can easily be merged into your local modifications.